Top 50 Cool Instagram Captions for Boys and Men

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Top 50 Cool Instagram captions are here for men and boys. Sometimes we have the perfect picture, but we don’t have the perfect caption for that picture. To reduce that hustle, we have brought Top 50 Cool Instagram captions for Boys. If you are someone who can’t find perfect captions for your Instagram photos then, you are at the right place. 

Here, we provide trending and savage captions to make your social media game stronger. So, without wasting any second, let’s begin the caption game. 

Cool Instagram Captions for Boys

Only those people can win, who think they can.

Just, Flow with life like a river. 

If you will invest in your today, your tomorrow will be better automatically. 

Let your failure be your best friend if you want to get succeed. 

Just because someone took down your credits, you should not stop helping others. 

Smart people just do great things without proving to anyone. 

Life should not be lengthy, it should be meaningful. 

You can do whatever you think. 

Make a plan, and stick to it. That’s my superpower. 

I love the way you doubted me, you gotta love the way I proved myself. 

Cool Instagram Captions for Men

You can’t examine me.

Now, there is a hole in my heart, where you use to be.

I have learned one most important lesson in my life, ‘Stay Away from Part-time personalities.’

I would love to be called cute rather than sexy. 

There should be a coffee when you feel depressed and its name should go like this, ‘DEPRESSO’.

Change your vision, life is not a problem to be solved, it is the reality that needed to be experienced. 

Love the fact that she is innocent for the world and naughty for just me. 

I have stopped looking for happiness at the same place I lost it. 

Here is the proof I can take selfies better than you. 

No one needs your approval to be me. 

Savage Instagram Captions for Boys

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With you or without you, Life is the same.

Too Blessed to be stressed. 

Trust me, it’s challenging to do extraordinary things with basic people like you. 

I’m cool and better than you fool. 

It takes zero for me to turn savage from cool in front of people like you. 

I will make coffee and take you all attitude down. 

I can’t be sarcastic every time, sometimes I need to sleep.

My mobile phone battery lasts more than most relationships these days. 

Cancel my subscriptions babe, tired of your issues. 

Yes, you were my cup of tea, but I started liking beer now. 

Trending Instagram Captions for Men

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It is not worth taking shit personally of the person, whom I don’t know personally. 

Hating me doesn’t make you pretty, Hitting on me may work. 

You need equal attitude as well as ability to get success. 

Life is a game, and I am a pro at it. 

I am a handsome man with a charming personality. 

I am too high maintenance for you. 

Success is the sub-product of your attitude. 

I am the master of my destiny. 

I love the way you are reading my caption. 

Your intelligence ends where my common sense starts. 

Funny Instagram Captions for Men

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Weekend, you can’t leave me, take me with you. 

The moment when she finds you cute, you know she wants something from you. 

Research has found out that, it is possible to eat without posting on Instagram. M shocked. 

My life is a meme. And I double taped on it. 

I am a doctor, and I strongly prescribe you Vitamin ‘Me’.

If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption. 

Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. 

Real men don’t think of captions. 

I am so lazy that I can’t fully write the cap……

Diet soda drinkers are healthy or wealthy?

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